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UV photo-oxygen catalytic equipment



1. UV photobio-catalytic device use

   Widely used in the lacquer plant deodorization, rubber plant deodorization, plastic plant, paint plant deodorant, spraying car deodorization, electron factory deodorization, paper mill deodorization, resin plant deodorization, ink plant deodorization, farming slaughter factory Stinking, sewage pump station deodorant, garbage disposal station deodorizing, sludge drying station deodorant, chemical fertilizer factory deodorant, leather factory deodorization, wastewater treatment, odor treatment, tailing gas treatment, odor Purify, air purification, disinfecting and so on.

2. UV photobio-catalyzed suitable for exhaust gas type

 Deodorizing equipment is suitable for: acetone, butanone, ethyl acetate, VOC, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, benzene, benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, alkane, olefin, alkyne, aromatic hydrocarbon , Phenol, hydrogen sulfide, thiol, sulfide, ammonia, amine, indole, nitro, etc., etc.

3. UV photobio-catalytic equipment performance characteristics

(1) Efficient deodorization: Efficient removal of major contaminants such as volatile organic (VOC), inorganic, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and thiol, and various malodor, deodorization efficiency can be more than 99%, The deodorization effect has greatly exceeded the Necsi Pollutant Emission Standard (GB14554-93) promulgated by the State 1993 (GB14554-93) and the \"General Emission Standards\" promulgated in 1996 (GB16297-1996).

(2) No need to add any substance: only need to set the corresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust power, so that the ozod / industrial exhaust gas is purified by the equipment, without the need to add any substance to participate in chemical reactions.

(3) Adaptability: UV high-efficiency fluid waste gas purification equipment can be adapted to high concentration, atmosphere, deodorization treatment of different industrial waste gas substances, can be continuously working 24 hours a day, running stable and reliable.

( 4) Low operating costs: UV high-efficiency photosynthetic waste gas purification equipment, no mechanical action, no noise, no need to manage and daily maintenance, just perform regular inspection, this equipment is low, the equipment is low <50Pa, can save A large amount of exhaust power energy consumption.

(5) The equipment covers a small area, self-weight: suitable for special conditions such as compact and small venue, and the equipment covers an area of ​​<1.2 square meters / handle 10000m3 / h.

(6) High-quality import material manufacturing: fire, high anti-corrosion resistance, safe and stable equipment, use stainless steel quality, equipment service life is fifteted.