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Roller type catalyst electrothermal roasting furnace


Uses: medium and high temperature roasting mainly used in catalyst products

The main technical parameters:

1. Furnace length: 12-36m

2. Furnace section: Wide 800-2000mm; height 100-300mm

3. Using the highest use temperature: 1100 ° C

4. Common temperature: 500-1000 ° C

5. Heating method: electricity or gas (flame)

6. Temperature control: PID intelligent temperature control system, automatic constant temperature, temperature adjustable, super temperature alarm, etc.

7. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ° C

8. Drive mode: slope gear drive variable frequency speed

9. Transmission roller: Alumina ceramic roller + 304 stainless steel roller stick

10. Feeding method: Multi-column 坩 坩 平 进 进

11. Can be supported: Automatic external circulation line

Description: This is a non-standard custom device, please refer to the specific specifications!