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Roller Plate Type Catalyst Carrier Gas Roasting Kiln


Uses: Mainly used for the roasting of desulfurization, off-plate catalyst

The main technical parameters:

Kil length: 52-80m

2. Furnace cross-section size: width 600-800mm; high 500mm

3. Transmission mode: slope gear, stainless steel metal roller rod drive, frequency conversion speed

4. Feed mode: single row single column

5. Fuel: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas

6. Heating method: carbonized silicon plate full radiation heating

7. Use the temperature: 650 ° C

8. Common temperature: 400-550 ° C

9. Temperature zone quantity: 4 (warm, constant temperature, cooling, air cooling)

10. Controlled temperature: 16-24

11. Temperature temperature: automatic intelligent temperature control, partition multi-point control, automatic ignition, automatic constant temperature, temperature

12. Advantage of adjustment, over temperature alarm, gas leakage alarm, etc.

13. Smoke: Chimney naturally exhaust or motivate smoke, design residual heat utilization institution

14. Furnace structure: module assembly

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