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Mesh belt type bulk lead glass strip annealing furnace


Equipment use

 Supported with furnace and molding machine for thick annealing of wide-lead glasses

Maximum temperature

 800 ° C

Usual temperature

 Within 700 ° C

Furnace size

32m long; 300mm high (can be customized according to customer)

Mesh belt material

310S heat resistant stainless steel

Control temperature point

 28-36 points

Temperature control accuracy

 ± 0.1 ° C

Furnace temperature stability

 ≤ ± 1 ° C

Uniform temperature in the furnace

 ± 3 ° C

Electric heating element

High temperature electric hot alloy four, four-sided heating

Temperature control control system

 PID intelligent temperature control system, 485 communication

Hwan hot hood



 1. Suitable for intermittent production

 2. Design a hot cover, four-sided heating to ensure temperature uniformity

 3. The insulation layer adopts refractory fiberboard material, energy saving and efficiency

备   注

 The above parameters are for reference only, this equipment is non-standard equipment, which is customized according to the actual process requirements of the product.