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Mesh Belt Electronic Ceramic Electric Heating Silver Burning Furnace


Uses: Piezoelectric ceramics, surface silver high temperature reduction sintering of electronic ceramics, suitable for mass consistent production.

   The main technical parameters:

1. Furnace length: 6-9m

2. Furnace cross-sectional size: width: 300-500; High: 80-120mm

3. Transmission mode: 310S heat resistant stainless steel mesh belt, frequency conversion speed regulation

4. Power: 40-60kW / 380V

5. Use the temperature: 900 ° C

6. Temperature uniformity: ± 3 ° C (constant temperature zone)

7. Heating temperature zone: 3-4 temperature zones, 6-8 temperature control points, net belt control temperature

8. Heating components: far infrared electric quartz tube

9. Control method: PID smart temperature control system, SCR controllable silicon module control, 485 communication, automatic constant temperature, temperature adjustable, super temperature alarm, etc.

                 Superior performance.

10. Furnace structure: module assembly

  If you have a special sintering process, please contact us, we will be tailored for you!