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Lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate powder firing


Equipment use

 Lithium cobaltate, lithium manganganate powder

Maximum temperature

 1100 ° C

Furnace size


Inner gas atmosphere

 Air, oxygen

加 热 器

 Electrical resistance rod, silicon carbon rod


 1. The product is placed in the 匣, through the push plate continuously handle, the product sequentially takes the temperature rise, the constant temperature zone, the cooling area, and realizes continuous sintering.

 2, the push booth is a continuous sintering furnace, providing different furnace temperature zones and lengths according to the product temperature process curve, suitable for large quantities, product workers

   Art stability, good performance.

 3, the transmission system adopts hydraulic transmission, stable operation, no jitter, crawling.

 4, on the product, the next space is set, and the product is uniform.

 5, control system: distributed embedded control system based on Ethernet communication, powerful, high-precision thermal control module, achieve intelligent control

   And build big databases, including all process parameters, device status, fully digital display and record, to establish intelligent chemical plants left full

   Control system margin.

 6. Implement the automatic rotation operation, using PLC control, product operation is reliable.

备       注

 The above parameters are for reference only, this device is non-standard equipment, which is customized according to the actual process requirements of the product.