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Electronic ceramic debinding (pre-burning) electric heating push plate furnace


Uses: Mainly used in piezoelectric ceramic buzzers, piezoelectric ceramic replacement sheets, piezoelectric ceramic atomization transduction tablets and electronic ceramic ignition structural china, sliding china

             95 porcelain and other electronic ceramic products are sprayed or pre-feeding. Suitable for continuous production.

 The main technical parameters:

1. Furnace length: 9-12m

2. Supporting push plate routine size: 250mm × 250mm; 320mm × 320mm

3. Mode: single plate, double push plate

4. Design the highest use temperature: 1100 ° C

5. Temperature: 800-1000 ° C

6. Temperature uniformity: ± 5 ° C (constant temperature zone)

7. Heating temperature zone: 6-9 district, 10-15 control temperature points, upper and lower temperature control

8. Electrothermal components: high temperature electric hot alloy / silicone carbon rod

9. Control mode: SCR control, smart meter PID continuous adjustment, PLC + touch screen automatic monitoring

10. Promote method: Automatic hydraulic propulsion external circulation system

11. Inner furnace: Design Multi-Road Entrance Agency

12. Furnace structure: module assembly

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