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Electric heating daily ceramic firing shuttle kiln


Equipment use

 For bone porcelain, tableware, etc.

Maximum temperature

 1300 ° C



Burnt cycle

 According to the burning process self-adjustment

Entering and out of furnace

 Electric kiln

控 温 点

 4 ~ 8 o'clock

Electric heating element

 Silicone bod or imported high temperature resistance belt

Control temperature accuracy

 ± 1 ° C

way to heat up

Five-sided heating

Temperature control control system

8-32 automatic program control


 1. Peroxide fiber furnace, fast temperature rise

 2. Five-sided heating, high furnace temperature uniformity

 3. It can be flexible to use the production and changes in demand.

 4. Safety, energy saving, environmental protection

备       注

 The above parameters are for reference only, this equipment is non-standard equipment, which is customized according to the actual process requirements of the product.