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Daily ceramic gas fired tunnel kiln


Equipment use

 High-grade ceramic tableware, bone porcelain, etc.

Maximum temperature

 1300 ° C

Furnace length


Furnace size

 Width 800mm-2100mm, height 1200mm-1800mm (can be customized according to customer)

Burnt cycle

 Adjustment according to process

transfer method


控 温 点

 12 ~ 24 points

Temperature 点

 3 ~ 4 o'clock

Instrument control temperature accuracy

 ± 1 ° C

燃     料

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, cold gas

Temperature control control system

 Automatic control, automatic constant temperature, temperature adjustable (touch screen control interface)


 1. Place the product code on the kiln, with a preheating section, burn segment, and the cooling section is continuously burned.

 2. The airflow flows from the firing section flows to the preheating section, and the exhaust pipe is discharged, and heat can be effectively utilized.

 3. Preheat the utilization of cooling segments, save energy.

 4. Can meet the needs of mass production.

 5. Realize the full automatic rotation operation, using PLC control, product operation is reliable.

备       注

 The above parameters are for reference only, this equipment is non-standard equipment, which is customized according to the actual process requirements of the product.