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Craft ceramic electrothermal firing shuttle kiln


Equipment use

 Mainly used in art ceramics, process ceramics burning and roasted flowers

Maximum temperature

 1300 ° C



Burnt cycle

 According to the burning process self-adjustment

transfer method


控 温 点

 1 ~ 6 o'clock

Instrument control temperature accuracy

 ± 1 ° C

加 热 器

Imported resistance band or silicone carbon rod

Temperature control control system

 PID program (36 paragraph) closed-loop intelligent temperature control


 1. Place the product code on the kiln car.

 2. Heating method can be heated on the side, door, and bottom.

 3. It can be flexible to use the production and changes in demand.

 4. The kiln liner uses ceramic fibers, which can shorten the temperature rise time and save energy due to low thermal melt.

备       注

 The above parameters are for reference only, this equipment is non-standard equipment, which is customized according to the actual process requirements of the product.