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1300℃ rare earth calcining gas tunnel kiln


use:High temperature calcination such as catalyst rare earth material, optical glass rare earth material, function ceramic rare earth material, suitable for mass production

The main technical parameters

1. Kiln length: 36 ~ 50m

2. Feed mode: hydraulic promotion kiln car outside cycle feed

3. Gas power: 180-35 million

4. Using the highest use: 1350 ° C

5. Common Process Temperature: 1000-1300 ° C

6. Steady energy consumption: 300-500A / 380V / h

7. Heating temperature zone: 8 ~ 12

8. Number of burners: 24-60

9. Out of the kiln time: 40-90min /

10. Control mode: SCR control, smart meter PID continuous adjustment, PLC + touch screen automatic monitoring

11. Inner atmosphere: air

12. Supporting equipment: smoke-smoke, external circulation system

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